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As an agile and dynamic company with a long-term development strategy we offer employees a perfect platform for development and further education in all areas. Start your career at Mi-Jack Europe and benefit from working in a friendly environment with short coordination channels.

Job vacancies at Mi-Jack Europe

Full-Time Employees:

Your Tasks

  • Development of new features and improvement of existing features for 3D terminal visualization software using
    Babylon.js, Typescript and React
  • Design and specification of object-oriented solutions to complex functional requirements
  • Optimization of existing code to maintain or improve performance within the constraints of interactive 3D
    software in a browser
  • Creation of test plans, unit and integration tests according to project specifications

Your Tasks

  • Project management with direct customer contact and budget responsibility for international projects
  • Internal coordination and resource planning
  • Preparation and review of project documentation
  • Technical testing and implementation of hardware, sensors and software

Your Tasks

  • Design, development and optimization of the firmware for the system components based on C/C++ from the prototype phase to series production readiness and also for the comprehensive safety concept.
  • Specification of the modules and function blocks
  • Developing and releasing safety-relevant and fault-tolerant system components in compliance with existing processes

Your Tasks

  • Automation of the acquisition of software quality (static code analysis, test coverage, etc.)
  • Supporting the use, maintenance and further development of the current test infrastructure at the company site
  • Definition and implementation of a continuous deployment strategy for virtual machines and embedded systems
  • Automating the creation of digital twins for project-specific setups using virtual machines

Your Tasks

  • Design, development and optimisation of firmware for the system components of our embedded systems
  • Taking over the current development process as well as its future further development
  • Creation of test specifications and test instructions for our products
  • Development and adaptation of circuit board prototypes
  • Practical execution of tests, description and evaluation of functions of our devices

Your Tasks

  • Product development of digital and analogue circuits from conception to series production.
  • Design, development and drafting of complex layouts considering EMC, safety and production-relevant aspects
    as well as support with cost calculations, elaboration of system and test concepts and support with type
  • Preparation and editing of specifications and technical documentation

Your Tasks

  • Writing technical documentation in English, e.g. user manuals, installation instructions and interface
  • Independent development and coordination of technical content with the project teams from Development,
    Marketing and Service
  • Conception and development of documentation structures and editorial systems


Your Tasks

  • Planning, further development and implementation of marketing campaigns, especially in the area of social media
  • Expansion of content marketing in the area of social media and the existing homepage
  • Analysing and measuring the success of communication measures
  • Planning and managing trade fair appearances, marketing events and other projects on your own responsibility

Your Tasks

  • Supporting the design, development, and optimization of C/C++-based software
  • Creating project software with project durations of up to 1.5 years
  • Development of scripts to support project work, e.g. in Python
  • Independent processing of small projects within the framework of the overall project

Your Tasks

  • Supporting project management for international projects
  • Establishing the internal project management landscape for budget and resource planning
  • Technical testing and implementation of hardware, sensors and software
  • Establishing project controlling and providing support in the implementation of new processes

Working at Mi-Jack

What is the culture like at Mi-Jack Europe?

Mi-Jack Europe fosters a culture of innovation and operational excellence. Every department is aligned with the goal of delighting customers with the most reliable and cutting-edge technologies and world-class support.

What’s it like to work for Mi-Jack Europe?

Mi-Jack Europe has approachable leadership, encourages cross-functional collaboration, conducts company-wide celebrations, and provides continuing education opportunities. The environment is fast-paced and entrepreneurial.

What kind of growth opportunities are there at Mi-Jack Europe?

Mi-Jack promotes from within and encourages and supports continuous education.

What kind of opportunities do you have for students and graduates?

Internships are available for many of our departments, including engineering, marketing, accounting, human resources, and more. Internships are a great way to immerse yourself in our culture to see if we’re a good fit for you and your career goals.