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Port and Terminal Automation Solutions | Mi-Star

DGNSS Steering

AccuSteer uses DGNSS to steer machines down a predefined path. AccuSteer lets operators leave the driving to Mi-Star so they can focus on picking and placing their loads, increasing productivity up to 25% while reducing operator fatigue.

AccuSteer tracks accurately even on snow-covered ground and eliminates damage from crane path collisions. Touchscreen display makes system monitoring easy. Precision navigation lets you create more container storage space by narrowing fleet runways.

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Inventory Management System

AccuStack, Mi-Star’s DGNSS inventory management system module, uses Position Detection System (PDS) technology to map all facility container inventory to logical locations represented within the terminal operating system (TOS).

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Tracking and Work Zone Protection

AccuTrack is a solution for personnel and asset tracking with optional work zone protection features. Using a combination of DGNSS, Ultra Wideband (UWB), Bluetooth, and other assorted technologies, the system can provide an accurate location of assets and personnel.

Virtualized Terminal Operations

AccuView gives you a gate-to-gate virtual view of the state of your freight, graphically representing the current state of terminal operations that have been equipped with Mi-Star equipment:

  • Movements – real time as well as historical.
  • Real time status of container handling equipment and other ramp vehicles.

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In-Cab Visualization

VehicleView affords equipment operators access to the same visualization tool as the centralized AccuView provides to terminal operators an in—cab visualization to see what’s happening along the route. It provides:

  • Work order instructions for the next move assigned.
  • A roadmap for their voyage to the next position.
  • Zoom in on vehicle surroundings as operator approaches destination—if the destination spot is occupied, driver can seek, identify, and navigate to an open spot.

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Fleet Monitoring

AccuFleet is Mi-Star’s fleet management module, enables terminal management to boost productivity improving visibility into operations to gain critical insights. It continuously monitors and displays CHE fleet status so you can identify and remedy issues before they impact uptime. Machine status metrics include fuel flow, tire pressure, and maintenance indicators to help you get ahead of problems before they slow you down.

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